STP SRL is a company that was established over thirty years of activity in the construction of work equipment.
In 1971 the initiative of a willing craftsman, born Giuseppe Di Ciuccio’s carpenteria named STP srl, a company that deals exclusively with the individual construction of ladders, scaffolding and towers.
Was established in 1975, again for the initiative of the entrepreneur himself, Ltd. STP SRL “Safety Section Accident Prevention in Peace” with the aim of marketing articles and accident-prevention staircases in aluminum, wood, scaffolding towers and, in parallel with the construction activities of the carpentry .
In 1978 the two companies merge and STP SRL was established for which the management takes care of Giuseppe Di Ciuccio as Chief Executive. The location of the company within the field of construction of ladders, scaffolds and towers has always been the key element of its strategic choice: to offer the customer a quality product and safe to use, available only with special craft in the realization.
This approach has allowed the company to continue to play a leading role in the industry a competitive environment characterized by increasingly complex, even given the growth in size and those of competitors.

The rise of new lifestyles that are leading to new patterns of consumption, the rapid segmentation of markets in response to new trends, the policy of mergers that are implementing national and international groups, as agents continue to swirl in front of which the ‘The company is able to react thanks to its flexibility to change.

STP SRL has accepted the challenge set by the market is constantly directed to follow the changes taking place, a company is “condemned to the improvement,” especially in front of the adjustments required by European UNI EN 131 and HD 1004 in terms of construction of scaffolds and ladders.
To cope with this challenge, the management has a very clear mission for the coming years: “act according to the client to ensure the best service in terms of quality and safety, through the loose change that only a consolidated organization and a corporate culture that is able to deal with. ”
Supporting the challenge for change has meant, therefore, be identified as a competitive factor lasting, investment in human and material resources on which, for years, you are working hard.